Benchmade phaeton vs infidel

Benchmade Infidel Out the Front Knife is a marvel of knife engineering, a quick-opening, double edged dagger that looks as good as it functions. This Benchmade knife features an automatic out the front OTF opening system that can be engaged in seconds using the thumb slide on the handle. Once activated, the knife gives you access to a narrow double-edged dagger made from sturdy D2 tool steel and sharpened to a fine spear point.

The Bench Made Infidel Automatic Open Dagger has a sturdy, black anodized machined T6 aluminum handle that feels comfortable in your hand and makes the dagger easy to use.

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Benchmade has also equipped the Infidel with a steel deep-carry pocket clip for easy transportation and concealed carry capability, plus a MOLLE compatible soft knife sheath. Yes, blade closes completely. It is spring activated. Benchmade does offer a life time warranty. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should. While JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to add items to your cart or browse all product options.

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benchmade phaeton vs infidel

Please add " opticsplanet. Government Restriction This item may be regulated for sale to Military, Law Enforcement, or other qualified personnel. Our Risk Management Team will be in touch with you regarding required qualifications and documentation.

Government Restriction By adding to cart, I understand and agree to the Domestic Restricted Product Policy and certify that I will comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. Add To Cart. Blade Finish: Coated. We apologize for the inconvenience, but at this time we are unable to export this product outside of the USA.A small subset of knives today have established a strong brand and following all of their own.

These knives bear iconic designs that stand the test of time and meet tight performance tolerances set by an ever demanding user base. The Benchmade Infidel sits firmly within this category but despite its massive fan-following the Infidel still attracts controversy. Readers of this site will undoubtedly be familiar with Benchmadethe Oregon based knife company which has impressed us over the years with countless excellent specimens of the sharp variety. Pennsylvania based, Microtech has been the dominant force in OTF knives for over a decade now.

Benchmade wanted a piece of the action. You could argue whether this is primarily an offensive or defensive knife but make no mistake, the Infidel is not intended to be your EDC. This is not for carving tent pegs, slicing tomatoes or opening your Amazon boxes. Yes, intimidation is the name of the game here. OTF knives come in either a single or double action mechanism. With single action the blade will deploy automatically but you have to manually retract it back into the handle.

Infidel vs Pagan - Benchmade OTF Comparison and Review

The Infidel has a double action which provides automatic two-way movement through a single button or lever. There are several different editions of the Infidel today, including single-edged models and the Mini-Infidel with a 3. The blade is only 0. Overall length of this knife is 8. I found the Infidel fit very well in my medium-sized hands. Benchmade opted for D2 tool steel on this double-edge spear-point dagger blade, with a flat grind and a matte satin finish also available in black coated.

Benchmade is able to treat this D2 to about Rockwell. Sure, it comes razor sharp out of the box but you can sleep easy knowing that this sharpness is not going to disappear anytime soon. Patience is the key. A spear point like this is designed to excel at piercing and stabbing.

I must have thrust the blade into 0. The blade came out looking just as good as when it went in. The Benchmade Infidel features a black anodized, machined T-6 aluminum handle with a removable pocket clip.While we accept most engraving requests, we cannot honor all. Some may contain trademarks or other terms that we do not have the right to use. Engraving requests may contain material that Blade HQ considers inappropriate or simply do not want to place on products.

At times this obliges us to decline engraving requests that may otherwise seem unobjectionable. If your engraving request is deemed unacceptable, your order will be canceled and you will be notified via email. Please note, engraving may delay processing time beyond two business days, but no more than four business days under normal circumstances.

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benchmade phaeton vs infidel

We have many other Benchmade Infidel Knives in stock! A few features we really like is the sliding button on the face of the handle, instead of the side as many others have. The milled "stepped" handle design assures that this knife will not be slipping out of your hand.

Customer Service phones are back on, and Blade HQ is still fulfilling orders at full speed! Thank you for the support and stay safe! Quantity 1 2 3 4. Customize your knife! Max 50 Characters. Will be removed during engraving process. Additional engraving instructions optional :.

Engraving Customization Disclaimer. Blade HQ is not responsible for any mistakes or misspellings made by customers. Personalized laser engraved items are not accepted for return for any reason. Blade HQ reserves the right to cancel any engraving requests after they have been submitted.

Prices are subject to change without notice Cancellations are not possible once the engraving process has begun. This item qualifies for our layaway program! Specifications Overall Length: 7. Related Categories:. Description We have many other Benchmade Infidel Knives in stock!

Customer Reviews Write a review for this item Please login or create an account to write a review. Newest Review Oldest Review Avg. I just happened to catch up with one of my former jr high school classmates and I noticed he was carrying a Benchmade knife.

It was not an infidel, but a Benchmade non the less. He told me about the Blade HQ website. This is my first Benchmade Knife and let me tell you I will be a life long buyer from Benchmade. Although the mini is obviously small, the mini does look beefy for its size. It feels very manly and more importantly it feels very comfortable in my hands for being the mini. The texture on the handle feels very gritty, but not in an uncomfortable way by any means.While some people want a pocket knife, others need something a little more.

That 'a little more' typically comes in the form of an out-the-front knife or sliding knife, a heavy duty knife many may recognize from their parent's tool shed But if you're in the market for an OTF pocket knife, you likely don't have one yet. So why not try the Benchmade Infidel.

In this review, let's learn why you might want to pick this OTF knife up. The knife was created to take a spot in the small out-the-front knife market.

The Best OTF Knife for your Money

The Infidel is designed for knife enthusiasts, in addition to those involved in the military and law enforcement. As a large knife, it primarily serves as a 'self-defense' tool based on local laws and a collector's knife. This fully automatic knife features several high quality materials.

Its blade is made from D2 tool steel, shaped into a double edge spear pointed blade with a matte satin finish and flat grind.

While that type of steel isn't full stainless steel, it does produce a hard, strong blade that remains sharp for a long time. The handle also utilizes anodized machined T-6 aluminum, which can be finished in several colors. As mentioned, the Infidel's blade is crafted from D2 tool steel, a type of high carbon steel that produces a sharp, strong blade. The blade is shaped into a double edged blade with a spear point.

The D2 steel blade is known to remain sharp for a long time, so you don't have to sharpen it very often. However, when you do need to sharpen it, that could be an issue.

Benchmade Infidel Review

D2 tool steel is hard and can make it difficult to take a good edge. This is a serious enthusiast's knife, since those who are pretty savvy with knives like these will know how to properly sharpen them.

Others who aren't as well versed with knife sharpening may need to take the knife to a professional. The blade itself measures 3. Still, the Infidel is a good knife to keep around for its long lasting sharpness. When in use, it doesn't dull, even if its flat grind edge makes it seem that way. All in all, most people will enjoy this blade for its sharpness alone.

A sharp blade needs a strong handle, right? Its out-the-front knife structure lends to a comfortable handle grip that allows users to maintain a strong, yet comfortable grip on the tool. The handle measures 4. When the blade's deployed, the entire knife measures 8. The handle has mirrored cutouts on both sides, which helps you secure the knife in either hand when in use.

The flared knife end also helps keep the knife from being pulled out of your hand when you're using it. In addition, the notches on the front lock's slot helps prevent the blade from rubbing against the handle if it slides around when in use.

The knife also has a pocket clip affixed to its back side for easy carry. Its a nice sturdy pocket clip that allows a right hand tip down carry. It sits deep in the pocket for a more concealed carry. The Infidel utilizes a double action out-the-front automatic lock. You can deploy the lock mechanism from the back of the knife, where the switch resides. The best part about this mechanism is that it's easy for both left-handed and right-handed users to deploy.Heckler and Koch is the leading brand of firearms today.

A while back, they decided to expand their product lines and start building knives. However, they knew to get the best knives they could imagine, they needed to collaborate with a knife company. Heckler and Koch joined forces with Benchmade to produce knives that were quality, yet affordable. They were designed to be used by first responders, police, military personnel, and any other person who needs a good every day knife.

The deal between the two was that Benchmade was to build them and would retain any rights to the designs after the collaboration ended. They kept the same basic design, but upgraded the blade steel, the handle design, and the trigger button. They have created an amazing knife. This is an adequate steel that gets the job done. It is a cheaper and softer steel, which keeps the overall knife cost down. However, if you are looking for a high quality knife, you would not be looking at one made with D2.

So they switched out the steel. This is a premium steel, that is more expensive. But with the extra cost comes extra durability, strength, and toughness. S30V steel is a full stainless steel, which gives it higher resistance to rust and corrosion. Another benefit of having a fully stainless steel blade is that this blade is going to require less time and maintenance to keep it in good shape. This steel is stronger and tougher, making it less prone to breaking, even if you throw harder tasks at it.

S30V is a harder steel to sharpen than the D2 steel was, but it will also hold a better edge for longer periods of time than the D2 steel would have. S30V steel was designed and produced by Crucible and it was actually designed to be specifically used in knives.

This fact means that you are getting one of the most superior blade steels on the market today. Dollar for dollar, this steel is seen as one of the best blade steels with the perfect balance between edge retention or durability, hardness, and toughness. This steel is going to ensure you have a fantastic blade on your knife. The shape that this blade sports is spear point style.

Spear points are exceptional if you are trying to pierce or stab something. Spear points are very similar to needle point blades, however, spear points have a much stronger tip than a needle point tip would give you. The tip on this blade is lowered, so you have great control over it and can do delicate work with the tip. A spear point blade shape has a relatively small belly, but you can use it for some simple cutting or slicing.

However, if you are looking for a knife to mainly use for slicing, this should not be your go to blade. This shape has a great balance between being able to stab and being able to slice. This shape maintains the strength that a drop point shape has, but it has a much sharper tip than a drop point.

The handle on this knife is made out of T anodized billet aluminum. Anodizing an aluminum works to add color. Another big reason to anodize an aluminum is to add hardness and protection.

benchmade phaeton vs infidel

When anodized properly, aluminum is an extremely durable material, especially for your knife handle. A big benefit to having an aluminum material is that it is a very light material. This specific type of aluminum has extreme strength behind it. Unfortunately, this can be a very slippery material, especially in wet situations.This Phaeton OTF model is outfitted with a black anodized handle and a satin finished blade made from S30V steel.

The Benchmade Phaeton successfully combines speed and style in a sleek tactical everyday carry automatic. It has a spine-fire sliding button that offers quick blade access when deployment time is critical. The sturdy handle is made from a billet of T6 aluminum with a black anodized finish. Subtle texturing along the top scale improves grip on the smooth handle without being abrasive.

A reversible deep-carry pocket clip completes the tactical EDC design.

benchmade phaeton vs infidel

Customer Service phones are back on, and Blade HQ is still fulfilling orders at full speed! Thank you for the support and stay safe! Out of Stock Try instead. Specifications Overall Length: 8. Related Categories:. Benchmade OTF. Features: Spine-fire thumb slide opener offers quick blade deployment when draw time is critical. Anodized aircraft grade aluminum handles provide a strong yet lightweight framework for the blade.

Stainless steel deep carry pocket clip is reversible for left or right-handed tip-down carry. Customer Reviews Write a review for this item Please login or create an account to write a review. Newest Review Oldest Review Avg. First OTF. This is my first OTF, so I have nothing to compare it to. I like the action, but the excessive up-and-down blade play means I'm never going to actually use this to cut anything.

As far as three-hundred-dollar fidget toys go, it's not bad. I like this knife better than my microtechs it has better fit and finish by far. My microtechs have always had wiggle in the button and lots of blade play even though all otf knives have blade play my benchmade seems better than the competition. Lightweight, very fast, some of the best metal and aluminum found on earth- wow!They have a rich history that started with turmoil but a dynasty was quickly built.

They have been producing many firearms for decades now. While they have the machinery and necessities to build great firearms, they wanted to broaden their supplies. They formed a collaboration with Benchmade because Benchmade has been creating fantastic knife designs for years.

With these two leading companies, they created many innovative knives. This would widen their audience but provide an excellent knife. These knives were designed to be high quality, yet affordable knives for first responders, police, military, and the common citizen. These knives have gained a wide following. And I am so pleased that they did. The Turmoil was already an excellent knife that could meet the demands thrown at it.

They switched up the blade and the handle and created a masterpiece. The steel of the Turmoil is D2 steel. D2 is a suitable steel.

D2 can stand up to tasks. D2 is a semi stainless steel that is hard and tough. D2 is a great steel, especially if money is one of your biggest concerns when searching for a knife.

S30V is a premium steel used on high end knives. S30V is a hard and tough knife. It has actually been known to be tough on grinders, which means that it is going to hold a better edge than D2 will and it will hold its edge for longer than D2 would have.

This kind of steel as actually specifically produced for use on knives and is most commonly used in high-end premium pocket knives and expensive kitchen cutlery. This means that it is going to have high corrosion and rust resistant properties, making it an excellent steel for tactical and survival knives, because you never know what environment you are going to be in during these scenarios.

This is a hard and tough steel that can definitely take a beating. However, this upgrade is worth every single dollar because S30V offers higher quality characteristics than D2 could ever give you. This new knife will be able to stand up to harder beatings, longer periods between sharpening, and more extreme scenarios than the Turmoil ever could have. The blade is cut into a drop point shape. This is the most versatile knife shape around.

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Many people think that a drop point and clip point are very similar, however, a drop point blade is usually thicker, especially near the tip. But, even though the broad tip does not offer good stabbing abilities, it offers fantastic strength to the tip and knife.

Because of this strength, the blade makes for fantastic tactical or survival knife. The shape sports a pretty solid belly, so slicing is going to be an easy task. The easy slicing makes for a great every day carry knife, because much of your typical tasks include quick slicing.

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